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About NextGenHIMS

NextGenHIMS is the next generation integrated hospital information management system developed by Digital Health Uganda (DHU) of Global Auto Systems LTD Uganda

NextGenHIMS is a modular platform that can be used for Diseases surveillance, Risk factors assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment, Management, Public engagement; and education via state of art HL7 data compliant modules

  • The Public.
  • The Hospital.
  • The Ministry of health / Policy makers
  • The stakeholders

Why NextGenHIMS

To date delivery of health services in Uganda is paper-based and paper-based medical record systems are known to have major problems of inaccuracy, incomplete data, poor accessibility, and challenges to patient follow-up. Paper based medical systems are also inefficient in record-sharing for interdisciplinary patient assessment in areas with low doctor to patient ratio. It is difficult to collect and organize the patients’ clinical data in a systematic and structured way, considering the difficult simultaneous presence of different databases belonging to different institutions that coexist in the territories. There is also lack of smooth communication flow between patients, communities and health care system stakeholders.

To address these, patient information management systems have been built including customizing of the available free open source digital health platforms for use in hospitals. However, all these have failed to offer a complete integrated up to date digital workflow to hospital management in Uganda; only overcrowding healthcare system with duplicate systems.

NextGenHIMS proudly locally designed and developed with a number of stakeholders involved is the next generation hospital information management system for use by the public for personalized health records, private and public health care centers/clinics/hospitals; stakeholders including ministries, researchers and partners supporting the health care in Uganda.

How NextGenHIMS works

The aim of NextgenHIMs id to improve health care service delivery in Uganda through streamlining patients’ clinical data collection and organization, considering the different diseases’ clinical management workflows and simultaneous presence of different databases.

The next generation hospital information management system (NextgenHIMs) is an integrated software that handles different directions of hospital workflows. It manages the smooth healthcare performance along with administrative, medical, legal and financial control which are key for the successful operation of the healthcare facility.

NextGenHIMS Modules


HIMS is a state of art hospital information management module. Our hospital information management module supports full hospital central administration including:

  • Data driven Inventory management based on custom machine learning algorithms.
  • Human resource management including staff scheduling, smart IDs and biometrics.
  • Finance and accounts management.
  • Hospital projects management.
  • Departments, Wards and beds management.
  • Medical equipment inventory management, maintenance and incident reports monitor.
  • Procurement management.
  • Intra and Inter communications management.
  • Administration meetings manager including archiving of minutes and hospital reports.


Once a cancer patient has been detected by the Patient information management module of NextGenHIMs, the patient is automatically registered into the Oncology information management module. Here, a complete oncology treatment workflow is enforced on the patient including:

  • Enhanced oncology workflow.
  • Patient scheduling and Billing.
  • Treatment plan reviews.
  • Image reviews and analysis.
  • Health Assessments.
  • Protocols management and chart auditing.
  • Tumor board meetings management.
  • Oncology data management.

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NextGenHIMs has a complete Patients’ Information Management module which is used to keep track of all patients’ information based on a customizable clinical workflow. This is used for:

  • Patients bio-data including history information.
  • Patient clerking and automated risk factors assessment.
  • Patient visits management and diseases diagnosis.
  • Patient’s personal account to provide access to personal information.
  • Telemedicine and case discussion tool.
  • Patient’s follow-up and HIPAA Compliant Patient Reminders.
  • AI driven image analysis and data driven clinical decision support.


We are proud of our integrated laboratory information management module providing an integrated HL7 compliant lab digital workflow compatible with a number of laboratory equipment. LIMS supports:

  • Tracing, matching, and visualizing lab workflow.
  • Improved productivity and collaborative efforts in a lab.
  • Sample tracking & protocol management.


NextGenHIMs can be used for management of diabetes patient’s information through an integrated clinical workflow bringing all the key stakeholders on the same platform in real time. This can potentially improve care outcomes as it promotes the management of the disease course, prevent complications, ensure quality, enable trends to be estimated and research to be conducted, decrease health expenditure and support clinical decision support. The platform (web and mobile) has several functions including:

  • Self-Evaluation.
  • Recording of daily measurements.
  • Generation of Graphs and reports (weekly and monthly).
  • Doctor Decision Support
  • Real time doctor, Nutritionist and Patient collaboration
  • Nutrition and exercise tracking


NextGenHIMs has a module that can be used to respond to infectious disease outbreaks. For example, for COVID-19, CoviAI module was used for:

  • Patients screening at health facilities.
  • Surveillance.
  • Isolation facility patient information management.
  • COVID-19 patient information management including treatment management.
  • Meetings management.


NextGenHIMs has an inbuilt intelligent disease surveillance toolkit that can be used to collect, analyze and interpret large volumes of data originating from a variety of sources. STM provides graphical based visualization of field data collected using the mobile apps or through the web system.

TB/HIV Manager

NextGenHIMs has a customizable TB/HIV information management module that is interoperable with a number of TB/HIV registries. It can be used for:

  • Patients’ follow-up and appointments management.
  • Drugs management.
  • Adherence management and reports.
  • Symptoms management.
  • Visits management.

Cardiovascular diseases

We have extended NextGenHIMs to provide an integrated digital tool for management of patients with cardiovascular diseases.

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